About me

Friendly, reliable Peterborough-based photographer with over 30 years experience in all types of photography.

"When I was a very small boy I was given a box camera. It was held together with black tape but that did not stop me pretending to take pictures with it even though it held no film!

This was the beginning of my passion to take photographs and I have continued through my life to capture special moments that last a lifetime. I remember shooting my first wedding over 35 years ago - it was my brothers. I also remember the excitment when you picked up the prints from the lab and saw the results of your hard work for the first time. Even better was the reaction you received from the bride and groom. How did I manage to wait 3 or 4 days to see if my shots had actually turned out!

With the digital age, this wait has been removed but my commitment to capturing special moments remains as strong as it did when I was that little boy with my box camera.

Thank you for looking at my pictures. I hope you like them. I would very much like to capture a special moment for you also."

Kevin Goodacre